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In this book Sean shares his story of being held hostage in his past, finally realizing it, and the 8 Step Process he discovered to let it go. What took him over 30 years to discover you will learn by the time you finish this book. Discover the process to let go of your past and start your Life Enhancing Transformation today.

Success Movement Radio With Sean Wyman

Welcome to the Movement! Success Movement Radio Host Sean Wyman brings successful people from all over the world to share their experiences, challenges, stories, and strategies to help others through the amazing broadcast network provided by 108 Praise Radio in Atlanta Georgia. Catch all the great replays and get the inside scoop on upcoming guests here!

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So you have read the book Let Go The Movement Process and know the steps but are not sure what to do next? That is why I have Created the Movement Assessment to help get started taking action today. Fill out the questionnaire and let’s get started.

Welcome to the Movement

Proverbs 4:26 says “Give careful thought to the path for your feet, and be steadfast in all your ways.”  These are words that Sean Wyman has learned to live by!

Sean Wyman is a Professional Speaker, National Radio Host, Certified Business Coach, Senior Marketing Strategist, Self-published Author, 8-year military Airborne Ranger Veteran, and a 17-year Law Enforcement Professional and Trainer.

He believes it is inside of all of us to live the life we want to live. From an abusive childhood, growing up in foster care and group homes, experimenting with drugs and getting addicted to cigarettes and alcohol at 13, a near death experience in the Army at 21, failing in his first marriage going $96,000 in debt by age 27, and failing miserably for his first years getting started in business. Sean understands adversity very well.

Sean shares how through God he turned each adversity into a life-changing opportunity to help others not make the same mistakes in their life. Sean’s passion is helping people take action to create a life-enhancing transformation in their life as they make challenging decisions, crush adversity, eliminate self-doubt and keep moving forward. Through his book Let Go the Movement Process and his speaking engagements through his Success Movement Radio Show, churches, non-profit organizations, schools, and corporations Sean is impacting people all over the world with his Life Enhancing Transformation God Organized 8 Step Movement Process.

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His optimism and motivation is something that will stay with you forever. If you are having a bad day or feel like giving up, Seanwill turn your mindset around within one conversation.

– Theresa Luaces – Miami FL

Sean Wyman has been instrumental in the launch of my business. I would highly recommend anyone whether it is an existing small business, a startup company, someone looking to start a new career, or anyone wanting to promote themselves to consider working with Sean.

– Stacie Piland, Business Owner of Sweet Inspirations

Sean was able to share his experiences on a personal level in a manner that the students could relate. He also offered advice that they have not yet considered when competing in the job market, such as creating a “brand” for yourself—an exclusive set of characteristics that makes each individual unique.

– Portia Diñoso Campos, MPA, Ph.D.

I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Wyman during my tenure as the Program Director of Criminal Justice for Keiser University. Sean has been extremely helpful and motivated in assisting our students here on campus in achieving their goals. His dedication and willingness to participate has been a great addition to Keiser University.

– Shyam Mistry Program Director At Keiser University

I appreciate the vulnerability and authenticity that came across in your book Sean Wyman

– Jill Geary

Sean’s teaching and speaking skills are top notch. He is motivating and energizing. Sean will leave you with the confidence that you can put into practice the information he presented.

– Keith Flynn CEO of Flynn Jewelry

“Sean taught me how to rapidly expand my global reach, accelerate the speed of trust with an online audience, and use my positive influence through live broadcast to serve more people. I was amazed at the power of sales using his method with over $80,000 in 90 days using Periscope.”

– James MacNeil- Global Speaker, Trainer, Author, and Founder of Verbal Aikido

I found Sean’s Periscope so Informative that I knew I wanted to work with him. I have had more success in my business in the last 6 months than I have had in the last two years. Sean taught me how to take a thirty year successful business and make it even better through live broadcasting on Periscope.

– Wendy Rose “Satori Fitness and Life Coaching”